Big Sky Bio Clean has a singular focus… whole home disinfection without the use of toxic chemicals. Our chemical free process is one that was pioneered in the food safety industry as a way to ensure that fresh food like produce and seafood were properly sterilized as well as safe to eat. The solution was the creation of electrolyzed water that has a disinfection power 80 times stronger than bleach. This eco-friendly solution is safe to eat, safe to touch, safe for pets, children, and all surfaces.  We treat the ENTIRE home with an electrostatically charged mist that is very fine and binds to surfaces. This mist then dries and leaves no residue or toxic chemicals. 

Many companies boast of thoroughly disinfecting the home's "high touch areas" which typically means they wipe them with a rag and bleach or harsh disinfectant. Not only is that damaging to surfaces but it leaves behind toxic chemicals and fumes. Additionally, there is no way to ensure that this job was done thoroughly and safely. Our technicians are meticulous and ensure that every bedroom, bathroom, closet, laundry room, washer, dryer, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, couch, table, chair, tv remote, light switch and even the entire garage is completely treated. 

Hiring Big Sky Bio Clean provides you the peace of mind knowing you have taken commercial grade measures to ensure that your home has been disinfected safely.

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